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a group for art based about my OCs in the Pokemon Fresh Start Club
All my characters have come to Kalos for a fresh start
Alex: a collector who wants a fresh lot of pokemon
Rebecca: a trainer who wants to try the new gyms
Hero: a pokemon activist who moves to Kalos for a fresh start for him and his Feraligatr (a previously abused pokemon)
Lana: lives in Kalos and wants to learn about pokemon whilst perfecting her skills as a breeder
Dark: The gangs rival and friend, he trains his lucario aiming for mega evolution
Founded 3 Years ago
Nov 1, 2013


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Fan Club

16 Members
15 Watchers
903 Pageviews
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Alex and Vines - Reference by spot1the2dog3

AGE: 18
HEIGHT: 5' 4"
PERSONALITY: smart but can sometimes act a little lazy, likes to relax, determined to complete the pokedex after not trying very hard in her home region. loyal to her friends and family and generous. creative, friendly
LIKES: finding new pokemon and learning new things.
DISLIKES: bullies
HOMETOWN: Pallet town
TASK: completing the pokedex - but wants to gain as much information as possible, each form/gender and trains pokemon to be strong but often gives them to deserving trainers as she does not believe in keeping too many pokemon. Her and her sister aim to perfect training of each pokemon they catch.

BACKSTORY: originally from Kanto Alex and her sister Rebecca were the daughters of a new gym leader in the region. the gym was erected as a fighting type but Rebecca who wished to take over wanted a fire and electric type gym. After completing their high school education Rebecca and Alex explored the region to help Alex complete the pokedex, a task she was given by professor Oak. After several years exploring the region the twins hear about the new discovery of mega evolution in the Kalos region. Rebecca decides to go to find new pokemon to prove the strength of her favourite types. Alex decides to go to try and find new pokemon after her unsuccessful attempts in Kanto (as a young she and her friends caught some pokemon battling and training but mostly just had fun. too young to take it seriously).

Vines by spot1the2dog3
Alex's bulbasaur, Vines, (which eventually evolves into a veusaur and learns to mega evolve whilst Travelling through Kalos) is dedicated to aiding Alex and is incredibly loyal. He is determined to complete the pokedex because Alex is. Vines struggles with the idea that he will gain a lot of size and weight whilst losing his speed with evolution. Not wanting to put Alex out he puts off evolving until Alex is truly in danger - attacked by Team (name to be decided later)


Rebecca: sister
Hero: Friend and travelling partner

Hero, Rebecca and Alex all discover a small island region close to Kalos - the (TBC) region

Lana: a pokemon breeder from Kanto that visits Kalos. She travels around with her ditto with the ideal that all pokemon should be happy and healthy.

Characters are members of the pokemon Fresh Start Club :iconpokemonfscfc:
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